Memorial Plaques

Bronze memorial plaques remind us of someone loved, that is no longer with us. Someone that meant very much to us. Someone that we miss incredibly.
They help us to remember them. They console us. They provide an everlasting connection with the person, the memories, the times shared. It is nothing unusual for people to talk to memorial plaques, especially if they are 3D memorial plaques. For these people, the relationship continues, as strange as it sometimes seems to the passer by.
Bronze memorial plaques can be kept in the home, on the mantle, on a wall. Very often they are found in the garden, particularly in places where the person used to sit, relax or simply spend time. Bronze memorial plaques, of course, can also be found at cemeteries.
Irrespective of the place the bronze memorial plaque resides, it is our homage, our way of paying respect to the person and perhaps most importantly, the way that we express what that person meant to us.
We at 3d bronze understand your pain. We understand what you are going through. We can help you alleviate what is undoubtedly one of the most traumatic events in your life by creating something for you that will enable the memories to continue to remain vivid. We will help you design exactly what you want, something special, something individual for that person that is no longer with you.

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