Custom Memorial Animated Flipbook

This is a memorial flipbook that serves as a 'Christmas card from Heaven' from my cousin Johnny who passed away a few years ago.

John's mom wanted the flipbook to include John's favorite place: Cocoa Beach in Florida and his dog who recently passed away. This would have been his version of heaven. John picks up a rock and skips it across the ocean. His life had a ripple effect of love and joy that spread to everyone that ever knew him.

A video of this flipbook can me seen in my video section, or watch all of my flipbooks at

This is a custom-made 3"x5" animated booklet. When you flip through it quickly, you can watch a short cartoon movie. It is bound with sturdy vinyl book-binders tape and covered with plastic film cover for added protection. Includes a box with custom hand-drawn illustration and a blank hand-drawn 3x5 card for a custom message.

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