Metal Letter Any One 18 Inch Steel Letters Light Fixture Sign Lighting

This listing is for any one letter or number.18 tall steel custom painted letters with the weld marks showing through the paint. I can custom paint them in any color or leave them natural steel finish or make them rusty looking, copper or shiny metal. These are reverse channel letters called box letters. I can turn them around where the metal sticks out on the side also. I can also make custom fonts and logos, whatever you can think of really. This sign can all be wired together with one plug and welded together to hang on the wall or you can have all the letters separate with their own plugs. They are sturdy and you can hang them up, or you can mount them on the wall.

I use safety sockets not christmas string lights. This makes a very safe product and they are UL parts. I can get light bulbs with coating for food areas also. The bulb color can be customized as well. the bulbs are 5 watt 1.5 inch diameter globe bulbs.

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