Metalwork Home Decor

Working with hand tools mostly, I combine form with function in my metal work.

The first photo is of a commissioned door rim lock set.
This lock has a dead bolt, day latch and privacy latch built in. As you can see it is a full set: lock, handles, keys, striker, keeper and plates. I was asked to make it in a style that would match a Tuscan home in San Diego, Ca. I put on an added touch by hand carving the front surfaces. The function of the lock is smooth and secure. All of the internial parts are hand made and no screws or bought parts, including springs were used. The whole set has a Plum Brown patina and then waxed. Waxing helps the lock age better and is easier for the home owner to mantain over the decades. The lock should function for at least 200 years, it is very solid.

The next piece is a 'Peep Hole' for an exterior door in La Jolla, Ca. It is heavy and solid. The door on it has the sound of a bank volt door when closed, nothing 'Tinny' about it.

I like very much working with the home owners, designers and builders to make very custom pieces. Working with them every step of the way I product an item that will last and has that pride of ownership the client deserves and expects.

BBQ, Bar-B-Q, Hood:
This was a commission for a house in San Diego. It is 5 feet long and in a French awning design. A one piece copper surface to look like fabric draped over a frame, with brass corners and date plate on the front. The frame is iron with isolators to prevent the corrosive effect of dissimilar metals in a humid environment. The surface is heavy Repoussé with a variegated patina.

Kitchen Range Hood:
Here is a commissioned piece for a one-of-a-kind hood the would match the decor of the home. It is a 32" hood in copper. The main body has a heavy texture. Then the deep Repousséd leaves are applied one at a time over the body. The effect is very 3 dimensional.

As you can see, only the imagination is the limit to what I can make.

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