Mideival And African Inspired Feather Headpiece

This is a magnificiant headdress. It is inspired by midieval times and indian headdres'. The base of this piece is made of layers upon layers of pricsley cut burlap and treated so as to not unravel, then wrapped in thick fabric. There are two separate trims, one black tassel fringe and one super soft yellow green tulle. everybead is hand stiched on with nylon invisible thread andeach feather has been meticulously hand picked, trimmed and place just right. The beads are a mix of matte glass and fuax pearls, both pink, and matte clear glass tear drop beads. There are also a few tiny sead beads around the 3 tear drop beads. This pieace is attached to a silver metal headband that I left uncovered and upon your request will cover in the color and material you desire before shipping. It can be worn down over the forehead or back further depending on hairstyle...

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