Mini Bag Filler

This is a mini bag filler. The bags are not so mini, they actually hold 2000lbs of B size potatoes. I built this for a packaging warehouse in Colorado.

This machine enables less drop of the potatoes to reduce bruising and fractures. It is run off of 2 - photo eyes, 2 - proximity switches, and 2 - SuperWinch AC2000 that i switched the motors over to 3 phase to make it work the way we needed it to.

The basic function of the machine is when the photo eye sees the potatoes (depth of range is set manually) it automatically moves the pallet jack down until the potatoes are out of the range of the photo eye. Once the pallet jack reaches the proximity switch on the bottom the distribution belt on the top switches directions and fills the other side and the process repeats its self. The pallet jack is manually lifted back up with a joystick attached to the machine.

Dimensions: Built to suite

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