Miniature Chess Game & Vessel

Many years ago I was challenged to make a miniature turning for an exhibition. The maximum size was 6" x 6" x 6". I decided to make a miniature chess set fitted within a lidded vessel of that size, and you see the result here. Each set I make differs from all others in vessel design, lamination patterns, storage area for the chess men and wood combination. It is an on-going series with many examples, any of which could be a jumping off point for a new set. Each set has a chessboard contained within a lidded vessel, a storage space for the men (sometimes a separate vessel) and tweezers for moving the pieces. The chess men themselves are a 17th century french design, and I have made my own custom cutting tools to create the tiny pieces.

Dimensions: The chess vessel size: 6 to 10 inch diameter and a 6 to 12 inch height. The chess men range in size from three-eighths of an inch tall for the pawns, to five eighths of an inch tall for the king. The chess board measures 2 inches on a side.

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