Mirror 17th Century Italian Style With Sgraffito Design

This Sgraffito mirror frame was inspired by examples of Italian hand made frames from Siena, Italy that were made during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. This mirror is made using traditional water gilding materials, methods and decorative painting techniques that date back to the Italian Renaissance period. The gilded surfaces as shown are water gilded with 23 karat gold leaf over gesso and gilders clay. The entire frame is toned to softly antiqued appearance. Other karat weights of gold leaf including silver leaf and palladium are available. Mirror selection includes flat, beveled or Antique Reproduction mirror. Mirrors with painted panel surfaces on the frames can be ordered from a variety of colors. Style number IR-4-SGR-23
Prices as shown range from $340 - $450 per foot

Dimensions: All mirror frames are made to order to any specified size and can be prepared for either vertical or horizontal installation.

Approximate size in photo 30" x 40"

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