Mixed Media Abstract: "The American Dream is Poisonous, not only to the individual, but to the collective whole <citation needed>."

I've had a really rough time this summer. My dreams for the future have, one by one, been obliterated and destroyed. First, a car I was driving fell apart in traffic. Then, I was fired from my job in New Mexico. Technology failed, and I scrambled to replace it, with funds that were slowly being eaten away with no hope of replacement.

This piece kind of echoes that sentiment, a commentary on how the wholesome american dream of the age of our parents and grandparents has evolved into something more sinister: "I want this, I need it, I will take it before anyone else can, and screw the underdog, all the money is mine. I must obtain money, and only money." It really is a somewhat poisonous idea, I think.

So, I took the license plate from my first car which fell apart, hacked it onto pieces, and put it on a canvas with some other objects; bottlecaps, a silica bag from the canvas I used ("Do not eat: throw away"--what a commentary there alone), and a few fossils from Kansas which I found on my journey to New Mexico--saying that if we don't change our mindset, we might well end up extinct as a country.

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