Modern Abstract Wall Decor With Mirrors

This is a large, modern dramatic piece of wall decor that is surely meant to be the focal point in your room or office. Multiple pieces of poplar wood are meticulously cut, sanded, primed, and painted in dramatic yet flowing color schemes. Dividing this large piece of wall art, are small 3x3 mirrors and stainless steel pieces to add a an even more clean, sharp look.

The wood pieces slightly overlap the large wood frame backing, to give this piece a 3-D effect off the wall. The item displayed is painted in neutral grays that are light and dark with black as well. Your item will look very similiar, although no to pieces are the same. If you would prefer a different color scheme, please email or convo me to discuss your choice. I personally recommend replacing the gray colors with any of the vibrant color choices while keeping the black and white for a more dramatic look.

This amazing, one of a kind piece cannot be found in retail stores and allows 2 weeks to complete. Well worth the wait.

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