Modern Curved Dressing Room Cabinetry

Maple dressing room cabinetry. The cabinetry and doors curve to transform the standard rectangular room into an oval. The doors have windows cut into them, and are framed in bloodwood; more than a visual element, the windows allow the fabric to breathe. The oval creates a large storage volume in the corner, ideal for a large multi level, lazy susan to store shoes. Each padauk edged disc is about 32" in diameter, and delightfully holds many shoes. The onyx topped island has a bench seat at the end, and many drawers to hold bags, clutches, socks and belts, and more.
Art and design is important to these clients, and they also understood that function is a given with something so purposeful as a dressing room. With this room in many instances storage and function is enhanced, while the design delivered a truly unique room. It has the ambiance of a small chapel; with delightful views changing with varying locations; the sensuality of the curves invite one to drag a finger along the doors; and the maple reflects warm pleasing light.
Finished in precatalyzed lacquer.

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