Modern Dining Table, Walnut + Brass + Glass: The April

The Story:
This was a piece i built for my own home that took almost two months to complete. It is unbelievably complicated to make and really tested all disciplines of furniture craftsmanship; design, woodworking, finishing, metalworking, and brazing.

A beautiful walnut slab was cut in half and inverted with the live edge in the center and a tempered glass channel was installed in the center of the piece to bring it up to a useable width. Solid brass plate and flat bar was implemented in several areas of the table. Custom CNC'ed bowties finish the piece in checked areas of the live edge slab.

The brass plate was brazed together, ground and polished to a mirror finish. Solid brass bar is inlaid under the glass to support it.

6-8 week lead time minimum lead time required. Contact us if you are interested.

Dimensions 84L x 32W x 29.5H
Solid Walnut Slab 2.5" thick, sourced from here in Ohio.
3/8" Tempered Glass Channel

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