Modern Industrial Reclaimed Wood And Metal Coffee Table/ Bench

Add a ton of character to your living space with this Wood and Metal Coffee Table featuring reclaimed wood and the nails that were in it....

Size shown: Top, 18" X 36" ...... 18" tall (standard size)

Frame built from solid rough iron (shown in raw)

Deck and sides made from reclaimed Oak, Cherry, and Maple Pallet pieces kept from the landfill.

Poured strip in top contains encapsulated reclaimed nails from projects gone by. We work so hard at reclaiming this beautiful material it felt like a crime to just throw away all the nails. So, instead we decided to feature them in this sleek two leg modern industrial coffee table (also available with matching end table set).

The legs are welded and ground to a shiney metallic finish for raw look. Metal components can be fninshed in any color you choose. Powder Coating is also available as an option.

Please message us for custom quote, or place your order above for the standard size listed.

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