Modern Industrial Walnut Dining Table

Professionally made & Hand-Built out of our shop in Portland, OR. Our walnut tables blend true industrial look with a modern mid-century feel. Made from solid walnut and industrial steel, the end product is a true conversation piece.

Why You Won't Find Us In Retail
Retail nearly doubles the cost of products.
Our approach is a bit different. We prefer to work directly with customers instead of selling to a store, only to have a distributor + retail store, add huge mark-ups that price a $1,800 table at $3,450. And it's not just a price thing, I believe it is a better system for the customer to work directly with the builder.

What's The Difference?
Most furniture from Costco, or Pottery Barn, or Crate & Barrel is made from MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard. Fiberboard? Really? Do you really want a hardened piece of pulp for a table?
We only use hardwoods such as maple or walnut. Your kids will inherit this one day with memories growing up around this very dinner table!

What's In A Price?
When buying furniture at a mall, only a fraction of the price tag went toward materials...the rest was profit; profit to the manufacturer, profit to the distributor, profit to the retailer, profit to the mall.
Wouldn't you rather, for the same or even cheaper price, have most of the price tag go towards better materials rather than profit?

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