Modern Satellite Kitchen Island

There is a pair of these carts in this small modern kitchen. The cutting board top is true checker boarded, I suppose one could play with crackers, or sliced carrots and? The conical curved base is mahogany, and the top is mahogany and maple. Inside the cone are shelves for storing bowls, and platters; it also makes an excellent portable bar with one of the shelves having a lazy susan.
One quarter of these satellites stays open, and there is a base station that it nestles into. One simply rotates it to open and access the storage, and rotates it to hide the opening to close it. As they are portable, they perform terrifically as servers. These can be made in many materials, are very handsome in burls, or solid parquet material. Hinged doors, or sliding doors and tambours can be used when employed without a base station. Stone, soapstone, concrete and metal surfaces are also dramatic.

As it is for the kitchen it is tough. The cutting board is oil finished with foodgrade oil, and assembled with Titebond 3 adhesives. The conical base is cold laminated and finished with catalyzed lacquer.

There are many design permutations possible with this format, and we would be excited to explore options...right now I'm thinking hammered copper veneer with a soapstone top.

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