Modern Walnut Home Office Cabinet

A modern walnut cabinet designed as a home office and wall unit for a condo living room. The majority of the cabinet is solid 5/4 and 6/4 walnut, with coloured lacquered Mdf doors that slide back and forth, revealing the work area, or hiding it to repurpose it as a modern wall unit with terrific storage (on the bottom right are double deep wine racks holding about 60 bottles). With chases for wiring it easily handles the computer, its accessories, and the stereo. Shop finished, it completely disassembles, for shipping, and to get it in the elevator; also allows the clients to invest in a lifetime solution, knowing it is possible they can take it with them to a new location.

Dimensions: about 12' long, 8' high, and 26" deep (3657x2440x508mm)

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