Motorcycle Holster Seat

Thanks for the interest. Here's the lowdown.
I build these on a seat the customer supplies. I don't do pans or foam work. I can re-upholster the seat or use the existing upholstery based on your wishes and it's condition. The guns Tony has on his seat were supplied by him but I know the sources for high end replicas if that is desired.
Tony's rig is a double holster rig, fully lined, with 12 bullet loops, fancy layered border stamping with nickel spots, and a full chap leather re-upholstery on the seat.
Price $1,500

If it were without re-upholstery it would be $1150.
A less decorated rig mounted without upholstery starts around $900
Each rig is patterned so the belt follows the contour of the seat and the holsters are hung to clear the function of the bike and seat while accenting the lines of the bike. I am a professional holster maker so most makes and models can be accommodated. Turnaround is 12 to 14 weeks with a 50% deposit Shipping is calculated by size and weight of finished seat.

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