Kamele N’Goni 12 Strings (Purpleheart)

Hand-made, thoughtfully designed African harps for sale.
The Kamele N'Goni is a west African rhythm harp. It takes months for a gourd to grow to a suitable size and then even more for a gourd to dry. These gourds are organically grown. They are cut, cleaned, and prepared for goat skin to be stretched over it and held in place by hundreds of high-quality upholstery tacks, and finished using hard wood and bamboo. I use Fishing Line, 100% Fluorocarbon along for long-lasting durability and great tonality. The pentatonic tuning of the Kamale N'goni makes it a very friendly instrument to play, as you can't play any dissonant melodies. Perfect for a personal sound meditation while you watch the stars, or to allow your poor, opposable thumbs to do something more graceful than just texting, pressing the space bar, or opening a can of sparkling water. Our hope is that this N'goni might accompany you as you weave stories and song around a campfire, perhaps for many generations to come, returning to our musical roots and honoring the soul and creativity of our African ancestors, whose musical contributions to society are infinite and profound.
Through the sale of this instrument, you will help preserve a traditional craft while helping humans bridge back to nature. It allows us to further our mission, creating programs that promote community, reciprocity, respect, and socio-emotional well-being, through the art and craftmanship of native instruments and music, storytelling, and dance.
This instrument has 12 strings with a pentatonic scale of D minor.

Calabash – Small/medium – 24cm wide. Country of Origin Bolivia.
Neck – Tropical hardwood "Teak" and Purpleheart Wood with inlaid line (white maple, dyed black mahogany) – length 89cm.
Skin – African Brown and Yellow Goat Medium
Bridge – Purpleheart Wood with an inlay of the Andean cross in mother pearl. Great sound quality.
Strings – Fishing Line, 100% Fluorocarbon
Tuners – Golden Gate F-2215 Vintage Acoustic Guitar Tuners - Nickel
Measures: 35" L x 12" H x 10" W
Item weight: 4 lb

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