Nautical Coffee Table

Custom made nautical coffee table:
Surprise, surprise, what else would a boat builder design and build but a four foot long skiff? She is built in the traditional methods (using the cool tools) and materials. Cedar for planking and floor boards, oak for timbers, rails and stem, mahogany for the transom, stern seats, forward locker and thwart and also the breast hook and stern knees. Fastenings are silicon bronze (screws and ring nails), copper rivets for the plank laps and copper clench nails on the floorboards. She is finished with three coats of polyurethane on the interior, the floorboards, bilge, topsides and bottom waterline are a latex paint that were matched to a marine paint chart. Much fun was had "messing about" with this skiff design! First, I lofted to assure a fair hull and make patterns, I realized how much space (always an important consideration when designing boats) could be utilized for storage of books, magazines or whatever. The floorboards were added for easier retrieval of items and in addition, one of the floorboards is removable, as is the hatch in the forward locker so that you can stash important items.
The leg design (made of ash and resembling davits which would secure the tender in a passage), suspends the height of the top twenty inches off the floor. This allows an ample six inches of accessibility inside the boat. The top is a three/eigths inch thick, templated piece of tempered glass with a polished chamfered edge, measuring fifty inches long, twenty-seven inches wide and is slightly larger than the skiff. This will keep spills out of the bilge. While this is the smallest table size offered, suitable sizes for your home (rule of thumb is two thirds the length of your sofa) are available upon request.

Doug Scott
Parker River Boat Works
Fremont New Hampshire 03044

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