Nebulous Abstracts Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings by Commission. You choose the general color palette and size of the painting you want or leave it to me. Just give me an idea of what you want.

About Nebulous Abstracts... Nebulous Abstracts are based on the notion that we exist within a universe of continuous change of circumstances and alteration of structure. But transcendant of that constant of change there lies within a constant of a different nature which we refer to as personality, inner self, the soul, the core of our existence. Therefore life is comprised of many layers, some are obvious to our perceprions while other layers are of a subtle nature.

Although brimming with vivid, moving color, these paintings also contain a more subtle form that, although seemingly hidden, is there unintentionally hiding within the obvious. But in order to see that subtle form we need to observe more closely to find the forms that will emerge should we have the vision to see them.

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