'Nema' Dining Room Table

I made this dining room table as a commission piece. My customers couldn't find a table narrow and long enough to accommodate the shape of their dining room. Further, it had to be ecologically sound.
Now, I consider a piece of furniture that is going to last for decades or even longer as 'green' per se. But in this case I went even farther, I wanted to make it explicit: I chose six local woods – each one grew less then 10 miles from my shop, some of it storm wood – and veneered six leaves for the top. As a woodworker I can tell you, this was quite a challenge to go through the same process with six different woods, each one behaving in its own stubborn way!
Four strong earth magnets hold each leaf to the sturdy metal frame. If you are playful you can unclip the leaves and rearrange them to your liking. I myself prefer the version where you use only fife leaves and thus expose the ends of the metal frame.
The frame, by the way, has a black, hand rubbed patina and a protective wax coat. Four levelers make sure the table stands firm on uneven floors.
Here are the six local woods I used (some of them are immigrants like myself): Redwood, Mendocino Cypress, Madrone, Black Acacia, Eucalyptus and California nutmeg. Since I am taking a class in Dendrology at the College of the Redwoods right now I will supply a little booklet with the specific information about each tree. My friends and customers tell me that their dining room table is the talk of the dinner each time they have guests.
The table in the pictures has found its home, but I can make one for you to your specific length and width using whatever wood of your preferred trees you choose (as long as they are not exotics, please. Go green! Go local!)

Dimensions: 90" W x 32" D x 30.5" H

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