New Jersey Hooded Doll Cradle

New Jersey Hooded Doll Cradle
"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world." William Ross Wallace (1819-1892) In colonial days, cradles would have been one of the first furniture pieces in the household, today not so much. Its ancient history has been lost in today's technological world, yet one of the nice things about ancient history is, there is much to quote from. "The real importance of cradles lies beyond their utility, the cradle symbolizes the innocence and security, the promise and potential, the sense of renewal a new life brings. The cradle means mother. Whether a humble manger or a royal bed, no cradle is more meaningful then that in which one's own child sleeps" Kath Isko; 1 March, 1989. My first encounter with baby cradles in the 80's was probably not at all unusual, friends asked me to build one for their unborn child. It was an honor to do so, however my only knowledge of cradles dealt with boats! After much research, we found to our liking the proportions and simplicity of lines of the New Jersey Hooded Cradle. This mid nineteenth century cradle, I built in cherry (the expectant mother's request) and finished natural. The design was perfect for the old Victorian they lived in (large and drafty) the baby Naomi never caught a chill and now as a young adult, she becomes more beautiful with age as does the cherry grain of the cradle. The baby cradle is available in your preference of wood for the security of the child.

Naturally, the doll cradle followed (a scaled down version) as a birthday present. Keeping in period, the cradle is built with hand planed pine, fastened with cut finish nails and finished in vibrant traditional milk paint colors. Whether your motive, is to give the child an upper hand in life or to guide them into parenthood, hopefully they will have hours of enjoyment, as did Naomi. My goal is to expose your child to esthetically pleasing proportions, not only to the eye, but also to the feel. Each cradle is unique because it is hand crafted and not stamped out from some machine. Hopefully, it will last and be passed down through the generations.
While this doll cradle is the smallest version, larger sizes are available.

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