Norbella Conference Table

This is the project that started it all! My cousin and I, both experienced woodworkers on our own, finally teamed up on this black walnut conference table for a Boston advertising media agency. Boston Woodcrafter was born! We hand-selected 3 large black walnut slabs (aprox 2" thick) which were cut in sequence. The rials of the table are curly maple, and the bow tie inlays are padouk. These inlays are both design elements and also used to stabilize the natural checks and cracks in the slab. The two large knots in the table are underlayed with Birds Eye Maple then filled with a special clear epoxy. The large checks and cracks were also filled with epoxy then the entire top was coated in a urathane finish to ensure it stands up to a lot of abuse. Table is aprox. 10' x 3'

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