Northern Pike Sculpture

In the liquid life down under, every day is a gamble...but for the beloved bluegill, his odds are up! He's the most popular athlete in the whole "school". He can dive and he can dance. He's cute, colorful and quick. He's every kids first fish, loved by everyone, everywhere, but all that makes thin soup if you're delt bad cards. The lucky bluegill is always at the top of his game but he's about to bet it all on an easy meal. He ventures into a slow side channel...and rolls the dice. The cocky prince of panfish trespasses into a backwater bay, violating the unchallenged authority of this eerie, dense and dangerous, lost world. The home of WATERWOLF, the circumpolar distributed monster of the marsh. He, whose ancestors were contemporaries with tyrannosaurus and with the amazing ability to shut down metabolism in low oxygen environments. The creature with the survival instincts derived from sixty million years of unchanged genitics. The omnipotent master of ambush has been concealed for days, awaiting his next victim...motionless in the moss...possessed with the patience of the ages. His odds are up...way up! With a furious swirl like a great cat, the northern pike hits his prey like a freight train in a viscious blur. Does Lady Luck smile one more time on the blundering bluegill, or did he just get delt the dead man's the explosion rips through the water in violent display of "Northern Exposure" Aquatic gamefish sculpture Approx. 26" high and 40 lbs. $12,000.00

Dimensions: approx 26'' high and appox 40 lbs

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