Office Suite Furnishings, W/ Led Indirect Lighting..

An entourage of corresponding furnishings, a credenza w/ pull-out (x2) writing extensions, two corner units w/ full single top featuring a large and complex inlays imaging, that exceeded the baseball motif that started with two coffee tables previously listed, that proved to the client, (who is now a cherished good friend who wishes to have more fine works done in his & wife's home! which to me speaks volumes!), ..proving my my refined master craftsmanship, talents and abilities of better than 40 years, both in designing and producing fine furnishings that additionally, (if I may add), I am the only person to do completed builds by finishing all of my works, be it colour professional lacquers, stains and top coats of various sheens and hardness per their uses, I feel this only right, that if one is to be a master crafter, that naturally being a master at finishing should follow, that with many years experience, have typically met and usually exceeding my clients expectations! (Also very typical, that often I receive bonuses for the completing beyond the satisfaction of so many clients)! I don't take pride in my works, I step it up a huge notch by being as honorable added with integrity as possible with my fine crafting! For me and to the benefit of all my clients is my humble honor to our God and Savior, which is then also received by the client and myself, so having a conscience, I strive for perfection, and do sleep very well at night, derived and due to this natural mannerism and ethical stance! Thank you, and may our God and Lord bless you all! Kind Regards, Mike

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