Once Upon A Time Kindle Cover

"Once upon a time" has been used since about 1380 to open tales for willing ears to hear. And since around 1600, the phrase has been associated closely with children't tales.

Once upon time... Kindle cover. Dark Chocolate suede lining. Cover to contain "Once Upon a Time" with whimsical swirls and flowers surrounding. Closing clasp looks like latch to old book. All saddle stitched and treated naturally to preserve and protect with beeswax. The tie part of the clasp is ended in a hand-carved antler button.

**** Please Note ****
This can be made to fit any e-reader.

This one was made by request from a terrific customer. I have listed it here to illustrate how we can turn your vision into something truly special. Like this one? I can make a similar one using imagery that is special to you.

Dimensions: Made to order for specific e-readers.

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