Ooak Protection Spirit Doll©

Ooak Protection Spirit Doll©

Ooak Protection Spirit doll© is quite unique, she carries within the secrets of the Ancestors she is an herbalist, a healer, a protector of Spirit, Mind, Body and Soul.

The wisdom of the Ancients teaches us to always remember the old ways to reach deep inside listening to the voices as they teach us about the workings of the earth, the richness of the soil.... The inner knowings within hold the blueprint to the mysteries of the Universe.

Spirit of Protection© is the Crone. The Crone represents the wise old woman whose child bearing days are behind her. She shares her wisdom unconditionally. She is the great teacher
sharing knowledge gained from her skills and life experiences. It is a time of reaching into her spiritual depths. calling forth the "Others,"her sisters in time past, present and the many to come. They are the keepers of life.

Around her neck she carries a vial of a salt protection blend hand made by Aziza, it is a special blend of salt and other herbs for protection and home blessing. Salt has been used for centuries in rituals of purification, blessings and cleansing. Used in Spiritual baths salt is used to remove negative energy as well as too block psychic attacks.

Ooak Protection Spirit Doll© is a powerful Spirit she has been charged with the Reiki Power and Protection symbols.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kee) is Japanese for Universal Life Force or Spiritually Guided Energy. Rei means Universal or all-knowing and all -encompassing. Ki means life-force energy. It is a complementary, alternative and spiritual therapy that has been used to help heal almost any dis-ease or imbalance that you can think of. The most common of these, being stress-related disorders.

Healing from the inside out begins at home ~ Aziza

Hand painted Spirit Protection Doll© has seven symbols painted on her body, as well as vines of green painted on her face. She does not have a traditional face in any way. She has no time for such petty things as beautification. She feels a dab of blue eye shadow and pink lipstick should be just right. She wears a veil of white feathers, this is deliberate it is very important to protect the eyes.

Her crown is adorned with Citrine. Citrine is a stone of protection and is one of two stones that never needs cleaning. This is a powerful cleanser and re-generator. Citrine is known to carry the power of the sun. It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy. Citrine is also known as an Aura protector. Citrine has the ability to cleanse the chakras, especially the solar plexus and navel. It activates the crown chakra and opens the intuition.

Hair is made with synthetic hair braided into small spiraling braids with 4 cowrie shells on her crown. She also wears a cowrie shell choker. Cowrie shells are symbols of the Ocean Goddess, Birth Rebirth and Creativity. They are also used in protection rituals.

Veil of White Feathers - Ancient Wisdom, Spirit, Honor and Divine Connection.

Important: Salt blend for protection is non-edible. It can be used by dissolving in water and used to wash down a room that is in need of removing negative energy. It may also be used by sprinkling in the corners of a room in need of protection. Please be sure to keep away from children as well as all pets. Synthetic hair is highly flammable please keep away from all flames especially open flames. Dolls are not suitable for children. Keep away from children.

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