Ooak Willow The Ancient Wisdom Spirit Doll© 2013

The Ancient One's are with us always. They are the ancient spirits of the trees, flowers, wind, sun, moon and all that is around us. The Ancient's that dwell within Willow are Tree Spirits. They are the keepers of our yesterdays and our tomorrows. They grow with us and are constantly feeding us through their fruits and nurturing us through their roots. These are all symbolic of the Divine that dwells in all things. The Spirit keeper is real and is here to show you the way into your own Divine Destiny and Souls Secrets.

Willow says: " You are your own story teller, dream weaver and truth speaker. Did you think you arrived here empty handed? Did you honestly believe you have nothing to share? My dear friend I am a part of nature just as you are and like me you have gifts to share, you were born with a goodie bag and it is time that you opened it."

Proud parent speakers of the tree spirits show much Gratitude for your adoption of Willow the Ancient Wisdom Spirit Doll.© She will serve you well as you are the keeper of her treasures and she is the keeper and protector of you precious one.

Spirit or the Divine manifests through all things of the natural world in unique ways. It does not just manifest only to and through humans or only in church buildings for an hour every Sunday. The Divine lives, manifests and communicates perpetually throughout the world of Nature.

This is the message and the Blessings that Willow carries inside, she is a powerful tree spirit of Light, Love and the infinite Wisdom of the Divine Universe.

We are the keepers of life, protectors of the soul.... We are the Divine essence of harmony balancing the unique and very natural fabric of life everlasting. ~ Aziza

White Synthetic Hair/Braid - Purity, innocence, wholeness, protection, encouragement and completion. It also represents Wisdom and the Ancient ways of the Ancestors. (Please Note: Synthetic hair is highly flammable as Willow has a long white braid please be responsible keep away from all flames especially open flames. This doll is not suitable for children/Keep away from children.

Butterfly Oak Tree Goddess - Symbolic of transformation and the natural essence of the freedom we can receive as we live life to it's fullest. The butterfly experiences the life death process twice in one lifetime. As we allow ourselves to evolve as the tree we have many lifetimes within one particle of energy.

Healing Crystals on upper body - Aventurine; also known as Indian jade, or the stone of heaven. It is known as the gambler's stone, brings good fortune and money. Protects the aura from psychic/psychological intrusion or draining by emotional vampires. Garnet; Associated with the root chakra, garnet is one of the best crystals for reawakening survival instincts. Protective against those who would steal your possessions, ideas or credit for work. Overcomes writer's block and lack of inspiration in any field. Worn as a psychic shield in crowded places or when you are vulnerable. Citrine; The positive energy of citrine drives away darkness and night fears and protects against negative people. Excellent for prosperity rituals. Quartz; Clear quartz amplifies any innate psychic, magical or healing power and is traditionally used to increase the power of prayer, especially for healing.

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