Opulent Era/Gay 90'S Victorian Dresses 1890-1898

Everything was good in the 1890's. The was great progress industrially, and there was greater availability to women of all classes to buy ready-made garments. Men's tailors even started getting in on the action by creating tailored suits for women based on the same principles as their men's suits.

These dresses start lean coming out of the excesses of the last bustle period. Slight draping, but narrow flat fronted skirts. By mid-decade the skirts and sleeves were almost ridiculous in their size. Towards the end of the decade skirts and sleeves took on a more narrow, almost Elizabethan shaping.

I can make these dresses out of nearly any fabric. Wools, silks, and linens were extremely popular. They are trimmed in lace, beads, passementerie, tassels, etc. Many of the day dresses are worn over a high-necked blouse called a guimpe. I make these of lightweight cottons, and used either Vintage or vintage-styled laces.

Whether you need a Ball gown or a seaside outfit the 1890's is a beaytiful time period with very feminine styles that are comfortable and easy to wear.

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