Orange Globe Lantern On Crescent Wood Stand

Dramatic curved wooden stand has a fine lacquer finish and suspends 11 inch diameter spherical orange lantern. The intrinsic dimmer switch helps to create dramatic changes in the appearance of the globe as well as the illumination of the environment. The lantern displays a dynamic balance between rhythmic geometrical polygons and flowing irregular patterns of color density creating interest in daylight and remarkable lighting effects when lighted. The form is made with 90 identical interlocking origami units of high-strength translucent parchment paper. The surface is coated with multiple layers of shoji paper bound with tinted adhesive creating a sturdy form that is water-resistant and heat tolerant, yet retains a soothing matte finish. Green and red synthetic filaments embedded in the surface creates a unique contrast to finished globe suggestive of veining in polished marble. Base is made of shaped and glued laminated wood dyed with light fast aniline dye and coated with 5 coats of brushed lacquer. Textured & painted heavy paper forms the matte black inner surface of the stand. A 40 watt candelabra bulb (included) is suspended by coated and textured 18 gauge insulating wire and controlled by a twist-on dimmer switch on the inner surface of the base. The paper lantern is supported by sturdy nylon struts secured to the suspension wire. The light is powered by a 6 foot brown chord and the base has heavy duty felt pads to protect fine surfaces.

Dimensions: 12 inch triangular base and 27 inches at peak, lantern 11 inches diameter

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