Orgone Life Energy Pendants

Orgone energy is the life force energy within all living things. It can be classified in two groups, positive and negative orgone energy. All matter, organic or inorganic resonates a certain vibration. Some vibrations or energy can resonate well with their environment, whereas others can be be harmful. Orgones, otherwise known as orogonite, are devices that contain a combination of metals, gemstones, and crystals that sit in a state of suspension inside a resin mold. Particular combinations and placement can center energy so as to make for a very powerful energy harnesser. What it does is take in negative energy and turn it into a more positive and balanced energy. Orgonite can be very useful for not only us humans, but for all living things, as they promote harmonious vibrations for us within our atmosphere. There have been many accounts of orgonite improving people's health as well as plants. It can also be beneficial when used when meditating, as it helps us stay clear of "the noise" and better tap into our own innate psychic sense. They have also been known to purify water, help with sleep conditions, and mitigate harmful effect of EMF radiation. EMF is maybe the most common form of (NOR) negative orgone energy that orgonite can help protect us from. EMF is an invisible but detectable electromagnetic field that adversely affects us and can be found everywhere around us, especially inside our homes. It comes from power lines, any electrical in the home, computers, cell phones, cell phone towers, microwaves, televisions, etc. The list is endless. Orgonite works continuously transmuting energy without ever needing a recharge or a cleanse.

I, personally, prefer to do a sun charge on all my stones on a copper charging plate salt water bath, and a sage cleanse on all my stones and crystals before I make my orogonite. I like to make sure everything is purified and ready to transmute energy as best as possible. All of the metals, gemstones, and crystals I use are 100% real and authentic. I purchase mostly from the various gems and minerals stores right here in my hometown in Taos, New Mexico. You can find all my creations here and keep checking back for newer pieces as I make them daily. I also can make customized orgonite specific to your liking. Just contact me and we can talk about the details. I appreciate your interest in orgone energy. Peace, Love, and Light.

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Made in Taos, NM

By Spiralapis


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