Outdoor Bench W/ Built-In Cooler/Console

Sometimes work is tough and weeks are long. And sometimes, we just need to go home, kick off our shoes, and enjoy a cold beverage as the evening Sun sets. In these moments, you need something comfortable to sit in, that's durable outdoors or in, and allows you to drink those beverages without getting up until the Sun goes down....or maybe until it comes back up! With our HCF Outdoor Bench with Built-In Cooler you can do just that. If you are one of those who will still be in place when the Sun comes up, then talk to us about our new TCB add-on, The Texas Catheter and Bag. With this great upgrade you can be sure to never have to leave your tasty beverage station! If you can't make it until the Sun comes up, you will find that this two person bench also doubles as a great napping spot!

Product Specs
Design and construction was completed by Jimmy Eron Horton and Dakota Taylor in May 2015. It features a 2 person seating capacity, front-mounted cup holders, and a central console for a cooler/storage space. The bench itself is constructed using tenons for the assembly of the frame while the backrest is attached with rope that is looped through the front and back. This interesting design aspect allows for functionality, durability, and aesthetics all in one. Once completed, the entire bench was sprayed with a non-toxic water based Polyurethane coating.
This bench may be made from an assortment of wood, stain, and finishes. Price may vary.

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