Outdoor Gates

These outdoor gates are made with marine grade Mahogany plywood, Spanish Cedar with weather resistance and lightness of weight in mind. The Spanish Cedar was laid down on the plywood in such a manner as to allow it to expand and contract in the width. Keep in mind that the plywood backbone will be dimensionally stable throughout and the vertical ends in Spanish Cedar are glued and screwed to the backbone alone, therefore also remaining quite stable over time. This is important, as this will allow the hinges and the doors to keep from binding and remain aesthetically and dimensionally correct to the opening. The outer most trim on each door that runs completely around the perimeter is glued and fastened to the Spanish Cedar alone. This will allow it as well to move SEASONALLY over the vertical end pieces. Each exterior door can be designed and constructed to withstand the weather conditions it will be in.

Dimensions: The gate will be made to your specifications.

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