Painted Glass Candle Holder, Blue And White, Modern Clovers

These candle stick holders dual as tea light votives. Simple place a tea light candle underneath the glass for a soft glow. For a more traditional style, simply insert a candle stick through the top opening to allow more candle light into your space.

Four thin lines ending in a simple clover shape hang around each side of the candle holder. The clovers show the blue color underneath clear glass and the outside is an antique white.

The bottom of this holder is completely smooth.

-- Set of Three (3) --

Each candle holder is 4 inches tall with a 3 inch wide base. Most standard sized candle sticks will fit well in the top opening.

Beauty and function are the corner stones of creating all my pieces. My handmade candle stick holders go through a six stage process before they're available. You will not find these anywhere else.

As a set of three, the price is 15% less than purchasing each piece individually.

This candle holder can be washed with warm soapy water and a soft sponge.

Additional care instructions will be included to remove wax drippings.

If using this piece as a tea light votive, use a cloth to pick up the glass and blow out the candle. It can become hot over time.

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