Painting: "The Dreams Of Trees"

I love aspens. I mentioned this before, I think. But it does bear mentioning again. There's something about that velvety smooth bark, and those vibrant green leaves that turn bright gold in the fall, that rustle, whisper, always, no matter what. Always dancing, always whispering...

These are from the same grove that I painted in the other painting, though this was an earlier piece, which is why it is a bit cruder. It was also a piece for a wedding; as you can see in the second photo. But here, the sun peeks through the leaves, shining brightly down upon the viewer's face.

I miss aspens. Birches here in the East just...aren't the same. And they don't grow in massive groves, like the Aspens. There's something about them...

The painting was 16"x20" in size

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