Abstract Painting: Venerable Traditions: Noah's Skylight

This painting was a commission for a friend, Alycia, who wanted something for her apartment with her future husband, Aseem. Her request was "I want something big-the bigger, the better--, abstract, and with the colors Red, Blue, Green, and Silver."

So, thinking on the odd mix of religious traditions of the intrepid couple; Alycia coming from a Jewish tradition, while Aseem came from a Hindu one, my first thought was "I wonder what a Jewish mandala would look like."

I kind of took that idea and ran with it, interjecting stylized versions of dead languages, and the important verbal tenant of both Judaism (the Schema) with an important verbal tenant in Brahmanic Hinduism ("Be what you are"). On the sides are stylized Mayan, Indus Valley, and Cuneiform scripts. The painting was, at the time, the biggest I had ever done, about 36"-48" The idea was to capture just how old these religious traditions were, depict them in a way that would not even offend an atheist, but make them clearly apparent to anyone that this is what was showing.

For the center, I was very much inspired by Marc Rothko, whose work I strongly admire. In the center, a small figure, almost cross-shaped can be seen; it is, upon very close examination, Noah's raven, being released to see if there is land, at dusk, while the sky is reflected upon the absolutely still and calm seas where the ark is floating, awaiting God's command.

This piece sold for $80.00.

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