Panda Bear Child's Dish - Handpainted In Porcelain Using Underglazes

This Panda Bear dish/bowl is the last in the latest of my wild animal imagery. In my pottery gallery here in Vermont, I display him together with the zebra and Lion King and they look terrific together.

This substantial dish is 8 inches across not counting it's ears, is 1 3/4" high, and began it's life from my potters wheel. Afer trimming, I added it's ears and used slip to outline the features on it's face. I then used underglaze to paint on the design in black and white. It was then bisque fired. After cooling, I painted on three coats of a clear glaze and refired to 2243 degrees F for durability and brightness.This dish, like all my pottery, is food safe, microwavable and dishwasher safe of course.

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