Paphiopedilum Irish Eyes Orchid Bowl - Handmade, Handsculpted One Of A Kind In Porcelain

A dear friend of mine raised orchids successfully. The only indoor plants I have success with are christmas cactus and other plants that take abuse! However, it doesn't keep me from being wowed by the variety, colorations, and shapes of the orchid flower. In fact, I've treated myself to the Smithsonian Institution's American Orchid Society's "Ultimate Orchid" book as a feast for my eyes. The Irish Eyes orchid was a full page photograph of this beauty and inspired me to create this orchid bowl. I've sculpted three orchid flowers and placed them around the outside of a wheel thrown bowl that measures a little over 8" across and 4" high....a just right size for serving something amazing at your special dinner party! When not being used, it will be a beautiful piece of artwork in the table centerpiece. I think the colors speak for themselves, especially when you click through the photographs. The inside bowl is the color of an An'jou pear. I used underglazes for the orchid detailing, a rich glossy glaze for the inside, and a mottled crystal glaze for the main outside of the bowl that is semi-lusterous. It is all food safe, of course....and is not overly delicate, dispite the subject! In otherwords, it won't wilt on you for certain! It's made from my porcelain clay and glaze fired to 2243 degrees F. It will be shipped double bubbled, double boxed and insured.

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