Pastel Portrait "Champ"

Pastel portrait "Champ" commission came from a man who was looking for the perfect gift for his friend, who has everything. She didn't have an original work of art of her dog. Since she lived in another state, and all he had were photos of the dog that he sent through email, I didn't meet the dog in person. She was coming to visit the man and he wanted to surprise her with this portrait. When he brought her to my studio to see the piece, he had told her that he had purchased a work of art and wanted her opinion. Surprised and delighted she was to see Champ in a work of realistic art. She asked, "Where are you going to hang it?" The man smiled at her and said. "I'm not. But, you are. I bought it for you!" Tears of joy! Four months later, in a holiday card, I learned that the dog had died. Now she has the perfect memorial of "Champ."
Later that week, I reproduced "Champ" in a sidewalk chalk painting fundraiser, and bumped him up to 8 feet by 8 feet.

Dimensions: 14" x 11" unframed

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