Pastor Travis' Bible Case

Pastor wanted a case to carry his Bible in. The top is lambs wool to represent Jesus. The handle has a cross on it so that it is always in your hand. There are three crosses on each of the metal edges of the pull out drawer to represent the thee crosses at the crucifixion and the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The red leather on top represents the blood of Christ as it covers over all sins. The cross that folds out is representative of Christ being crucified on the cross with the nails that lock the bag representing the piercing of his hands. The top of the nails is a communion wafer shape because you have to take the communion, which is his body to remove the nail and unlock the bag thus accept that he died on the cross and has been raised from the dead. The receptacle on the side of the bag is the cup that holds the blood. this is where the "nail" locking pin goes. Behind it you see the red leather as the blood extending below that. The communion wafer now sits in the top of the cup when stored in place. The side also has "infinity rings" because God is the Alpha and the Omega. The infinity rings are linked to the cup because it Jesus through his sacrifice now sits at the right hand of God. Once the cross folds up it makes another cross shape similar to a Maltese cross and at that point the drawer can be pulled out to reveal the Bible drawer. There are two pointers left on the leather when the cross folds up, these point to the circle or halo that sits just behind the folding cross thus pointing to the time as now and that Christ is Holy. The leather on the inside of the drawer is white to represent the purity that is the word of God and being washed clean of all sin. The front side of the Bible case has Pastor Travis' favorite verse, John 8:31-32

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