Pearl Beaded Ribbon Fascinator

Bronzed pearl beads round off this hand stitched cognac satin ribbon. Yards of satin ribbon is stitched into a nook and cranny technique. Topping the intertwining is a golden beaded center. Sandwiched between the satin & beading is golden tulle petals. All layered on top of a matte bronzed sinamay base. Held easily into the hair by a gold finish metal headband. This band is known to last all day with its comfortable flex. Included is extra alligator clip with usable slot for added hold. This piece has a multitude for materials and its weight is heavier than most. On soft silky thinner hair it could slide forward with a bend. That's is where the additional clip comes in handy. If you prefer to use a hat elastic or other method of attachment please convo before purchasing.

Gold/bronze monochromatic color use is great for a vintage bride or second marriage.

Dimension sizes may vary slightly from the listed size. Hand crafted accessories allow for slight variations piece to piece, leaving each creation unique to it's self.

Need a fabric swatch before making your final decision? We can ship a swatch to you complimentary, so you can take with you to match the perfect dress or make to sure it is just the right shade. Not all materials have a swatch available, but most we can offer.

Enjoy this item but it isn't just right for you? If there is an aspect of this item you feel needs alteration check in with us before purchasing & we would most willing to make changes to suit your needs, for instance alteirng more/less of a material, color or changing the findings? We can also change the way the item attaches to your head ex. a clip to a comb, etc...

Let us create the most fitting accessory just for you. Take a moment to message Tiane for a Couture Yours piece.

At Tiane Novati each piece is handcrafted. Hand stitching, cutting, molding, beading, studding & so on take place in the design process. Most items are a one of a kind piece or made on a small quantity basis.
If your accessory piece ever faults you in any way please give us a holler & we would be glad to alter it back to its original state best as Tiane Novati can. We take pride in our creations & want you to be confident in your purchase.

Tiane Novati collections have a large variety of vintage aspects to each creation. It is possible the vintage findings used have seen more decades then some of us :) Be mindful your creations delicacy when in use & storing. Please refer to our surety above if your piece is unable to be at it's best.

Fabric care: Varys per selection. The best policy when treating a stain is using a lightly damp clean cloth (of natural fiber ex. Cotton washcloth) to spot clean. If you feel weary about treating the item your self either contact Tiane for guidance or we can arrange a care treatment.

Feather care: Feathers are fascinating when you study them. They have a wonderful ability to seperate & join back together with a simple "petting". Another way to revive your separated or kinked feather is by using an eyelash/brow mini brush. Gently comb away from the center stem, brushing with the natural direction of the feather 'stream', feather by feather. Your item should be freshened in a minute or two! All feathers used are collected in a cruelty free manor & they are sterilized for our use.

We look forward to being apart of our accessory collect

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