Ceramic Custom Personalized Custom 3 Tiered Pottery Bell, Painted Design, Words Wind Chime

Personalized Custom 3 Tiered Pottery Bell - Handmade Stamped, Painted Wind Chime, Your Design, Words & Images

What word/s or Images would you like to see on a Bell? Or a name/s, or a date, place, 2 words {like "I DO"!}........
What Image? Birdies, Kitties, Peace Dove, stamped Flower.....?
That's what this very Special Listing is all about.....You're Custom Bell! Please see all the particulars for ordering under "CUSTOMIZING INFORMATION" below.
Can't you just Imagine this 3 Tiered Bell announcing to Everyone, near and far, the Joy-Full Tidings of Life and carrying the Message of Inspiration with it's Beautiful ringing? Big Cheers for Pottery that sounds like tinkling laughter...YAY!! :)

♪♫♥♪♫ Unfortunately you can't "Hear" my Bells online, please read the comments from some of my very Happy Customers for Testimonials on their "Sound", Ringing Endorsements, if you will:
♥"This Raven bell is amazing! The craftsmanship is excellent and the sound is pitch perfect, high and beautiful. I will be looking for more bells from you to compliment this one, thank you!"

♥"I Love my birdie singing bell! It has a very clear, high pitch singing ring when the bead touches the clay wall. Very cute music notes painted around the sweet yellow birdie, and a one-of-a-kind spiral bead on the yarn hanger. Thank you Kristin, it's exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be back for more!"

♥"The bell is beautiful and the sound exquisite! Working with Kristiin was a joy. You can feel the "Love" she puts into her work."
~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~CUSTOMIZING INFORMATION~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~
These 3 Beautiful Keepsake Bells will be hand cut and formed from thin stoneware clay slabs and the word/s of your choice {if you want any!} will be stamped into the clay while it was still wet using Antique Letterpress Stamps. After it is fired the first time, I will apply stains to the bisqued clay and then rub them off here and there to give the piece a rustic look, then I'll draw your Design free-hand and paint it with 3 coats of glaze. My Bells are signed and dated on the inside and then fired again in my kiln.

I will finish each Bell with a bit of Whimsy which could include any one of the following: Sculpted Clay Beads or a Pendant; Vintage Glass beads; Mineral Gem stones such as Jasper, Amethyst or Malachite; hand-blown Glass Flower Beads; Cast Copper Beads; vintage Pewter Novelties; etc. All of the Vintage beads are from a large container of wondrous Heirloom sewing sundries I inherited when my Gramma passed away a few years ago. To finish this Beautiful 3 Tiered Bell I will attach a Rustic length of Chain to hang the Bells by and add a length of durable Yarn or Colorful String to hang the Clapper and "weight" bead....YAY!!


1. THE FIRST BELL: As you can see from the Photos there is a "Main Bell" or the one on the Top. This is the most "important one "IMAGE" as far as Images or Words are concerned and so this is the Bell that needs to be addressed first. Choose your Word/s or Images for this Top Bell and then the other 2 Bells will be made to compliment this one.....YAY!!! As you can see by one of the examples, the Cat Bell has the Kittie's name on it and Image I painted from a Photo. The other example is a Gorgeously Stamped Flower Garden Bell.

2. THE SECOND & THIRD BELLS: As you can see from the Photos, these 2 Bells compliment whatever Design you have chosen for the First/Main Bell. For Example: The Cat bells 2 smaller Bells have little Cat Paw prints and Butterfly's to go with the Main Bell's Design. You can have a Mixture of Images and maybe a Word or 2 but remember, only the "bottom part" of these Bells show because of the "Tiering" so it can't be too much!

3. SIZE/LENGTH: These Uniquely Wondrous Bells will all be different sizes that will be somewhat dependent on the Design you choose, but here is a Guideline:
**The 1st Bell will measure about 7-8" tall and be about 4" across at the base as it has to not only accommodate the main part of your Design but the other 2 Bells must hang down from it in an "orderly" fashion. :)
**The 2nd Bell will measure about 6" tall and be about 3" across.
**The 3rd Bell will measure about 5" tall and 2 1/2" across at the base.
**Finishing off the Bell will be the Chain which will be about 12" long allowing you to hang the Bells at whatever length you would desire.
*´♥.NOTE: If you have certain SIZES for the Bells that you want or a certain LENGTH on the Chain, please let me know and I will do my Best to make everything to your specifications!

4. PROOFING: If you are requesting artwork or pottery that is using a Quote, Words, Names, and/or Dates, PLEASE double check your spelling and punctuation. I will "copy" exactly what you send me and then message you back with a "ReCap Proof" which YOU must read thoroughly and approve. I am not a Typist or a Proofreader, I am human and therefore make mistakes despite all the caution I use, so PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY! Have your friend read it. Then ask your neighbor, or your mailman, because ALL misspellings, etc will be your responsibility and are NOT changeable due to the Nature of Pottery and I will have to charge you to re-do the order and I hate doing that.
I cannot STRESS this enough, and I repeat, after YOUR final approval, I am not liable or responsible for any discrepancies or spelling errors. If You have approved the "ReCap Proof", any Financial Responsibility to recreate the work will fall on the Customer, {YOU}, not me. Thank You for your understanding about this.

5. HOW DOES THIS WORK? Leave these choices in your "Note to Seller" upon checkout when you purchase this listing, it's that SIMPLE!!

*´♥*AGAIN: PLEASE be sure to double check your SPELLING and PLEASE thoroughly READ the "ReCap Proof" I send you!! :)

Simple. Whimsically Elegant. Peaceful. This Gorgeou 3 Tiered Bell will stretch across Seasons and can be hung anywhere in your home, office/workplace or outside on your Patio or from your Favorite Tree, bringing a Happy Tune and Inspiration year round! And the Sound!! ♫ Imagine Tinkling JOY! ♪♫♪♫

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