Personalized Custom Bird Family, Friends Plaque

Personalized Custom Bird Family, Friends Plaque - HandMade To Order DEPOSIT Painted Pet Ornament - Baby, Bridal Shower, Housewarming Gift

How Cool is This?
A Unique Birdie Family, or Bride and Groom, or BFF's.......together forever in a Wondrously Perfect "Portrait" Plaque.....YAY!!

♥ Handmade from the Earth with LOVE just for You!™ ♥
This is a DEPOSIT LISTING for me to create a Plaque/Ornament, (or 2 or 3 if you would like), with a Family of Birdies or Best Friend Birdies or just a Mommy and Baby Bird, or a Bride and Groom Bird, or 2 Birdies and their Lovable pet.........! They can be wrapped in Winter Accessories, Wedding Clothes or other FUNtastic Attire, under Mistletoe or next to a Christmas Tree, or surrounded by Hearts and's entirely up to you! This listing is for you and your Creative Imagination to have a conversation and then talk to me about it and I'll make it happen!

HOW does it work? Please read all about it below under "CUSTOMIZING INFORMATION" below and by purchasing this listing, you are putting a "DEPOSIT" on the Ornament, the FINAL PRICE will be determined by what you want on it..... PLEASE DO NOT Purchase this Listing unless you understand this!!! I WELCOME any messages regarding the Creation of a Custom Ornament for you and I respond as soon as I see your Message!! :)

~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~CUSTOMIZING INFORMATION~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~
Here is what you will be receiving when you purchase this Extra Special DEPOSIT for a Custom Personalized Plaque/Ornament:

1. A Hand-cut Clay Plaque/Ornament that will measure between 4" - 7" wide and about 3"- 6" long depending on the number of Birdies and Text that you want on it. It can be any "shape" you want it too: Round, "Heart-Shaped", Square, Rectangular......just let me know!!!

2. BIRDIES!! How many and what "size" is up to you! Do you want 2 Best Friends? 2 Kissing Birdies under the Mistletoe? A Family? Are there Furry Friends too? It's ALL possible and it's your choice....YAY!! :)

3. ACCESSORIES! What do you want them wearing? Baseball Caps or Knit Hats? Scarves? Flower Headpieces? Earmuffs? What COLORS do you want? Perhaps you don't want anything on your Birdies and they are just doing their Birdie thing and that's Awesome Too, of course!

4. TEXT! What do you want on your Beautiful Ornament? Peeps Names? Dates? Is it for a Bride and Groom or an Anniversary? What about an Endearment or a 'Holiday' Wish? I can paint fairly small and these are made to Order size-wise but the shorter the Text the better as I still have to fit the Birdies on here too! :)

5. PROOFING: If you are requesting artwork or pottery that is using a Quote, Words, Names, and/or Dates, PLEASE double check your spelling and punctuation. I will "copy" exactly what you send me and then message you back with a "ReCap Proof" which YOU must read thoroughly and approve. I am not a Typist or a Proofreader, I am human and therefore make mistakes despite all the caution I use, so PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY! Have your friend read it. Then ask your neighbor, or your mailman, because ALL misspellings, etc will be your responsibility and are NOT changeable due to the Nature of Pottery and I will have to charge you to re-do the order and I hate doing that.
I cannot STRESS this enough, and I repeat, after YOUR final approval, I am not liable or responsible for any discrepancies or spelling errors. If You have approved the "ReCap Proof", any Financial Responsibility to recreate the work will fall on the Customer, {YOU}, not me. Thank You for your understanding about this.

6. *´♥TIME!*´♥ Custom order Personalized Pottery takes about 4 weeks to complete and deliver.

7. HOW in the World does this Work...?!? :)
I know this all sounds very complicated, but it's really very simple. Just sit down, answer each of the above questions, and Contact me directly with your choices and any questions you might have and then I can give you a Quote on the Price of the Plaque/Ornament.
*´♥*AGAIN: PLEASE be sure to double check your SPELLING and PLEASE thoroughly READ the "ReCap Proof" I send you!! :)


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