Cermaic Pottery Personalized Custom Love Birds Ring Bearer Bowls Pair

Personalized Custom Love Birds Ring Bearer Bowls Pair - HandMade To Order LoveBirds Dish Set - Modern, Contemporary Weddings, Anniversary
How Preciously Unique and Wondrous is this...?
A pair of LoveBirds in such a sweet and loving sentimental gesture: a peck on the cheek given by one little birdie to the other with the names of the 2 Sweethearts right below and they are the Perfect Ring Bearer Bowls!!! I would love to create a Set of Custom "Peck" Ring Bearer Bowl for your Wedding with the names of the Bride and Groom and the Date of the Wedding, {or any "Words" of your choice!} please see all the information you will need to order these dishes below, under "LOVEBIRDIE PARTICULARS".
~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~LOVEBIRDIE PARTICULARS!~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~
Here is what you will be receiving when you purchase these 2 Extra Special Custom Personalized LoveBirdies Dishes:

1. TWO Dishes that measure about 5" in diameter and are 1/4" deep. I will paint the inside of the dishes with 2 cute LoveBirds sharing a very special moment. The dishes can either have 2 small holes in the top for holding the rings during the ceremony and for hanging, or it can have no holes, as seen in the 4th thumbnail photo. PLEASE CHOOSE "Holes or NO Holes"! :)

2. Your Personalized NAMES and DATE, (or Place, or All 3 of these, if you want, but the price may vary for this), right at the bottom of the dish, under the pair of Birdies. I can fit rather long names/dates as I am painting them on to order, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me before you order!

3. HEARTS: Yes? No? I can put a heart above each of the Birdies as seen in the 2nd Photo.

4. COLORS!! The underside of the Dishes will be painted with whichever intense deep saturated color/s you would like from any number of choices in my Shop, the 5th thumbnail photo down is just an idea of some of the color's you could choose from. Please feel free to browse through my Shop or my Sold section and pick out any color you see for me to paint on the dishes. How about the Bride and Groom's Wedding color....? :)
And by the way....in this photo you also see quite a few of my "LoveBird" designs! If you see one you would like instead of, or in addition too, the "PECK" design, please contact me...I would Love to paint it for you!

5. PROOFING: If you are requesting artwork or pottery that is using a Quote, Words, Names, and/or Dates, PLEASE double check your spelling and punctuation. I will "copy" exactly what you send me and then message you back with a "ReCap Proof" which YOU must read thoroughly and approve. I am not a Typist or a Proofreader, I am human and therefore make mistakes despite all the caution I use, so PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY! Have your friend read it. Then ask your neighbor, or your mailman, because ALL misspellings, etc will be your responsibility and are NOT changeable due to the Nature of Pottery and I will have to charge you to re-do the order and I hate doing that.
I cannot STRESS this enough, and I repeat, after YOUR final approval, I am not liable or responsible for any discrepancies or spelling errors. If You have approved the "ReCap Proof", any Financial Responsibility to recreate the work will fall on the Customer, {YOU}, not me. Thank You for your understanding about this.

6. PRICE! The listing Price is for TWO Personalized Dishes.

7. *´♥TIME!*´♥ Custom order Personalized Dishes take 4 -6 weeks to complete and deliver.

8. HOW in the World does this Work...?!? :)
I know this all sounds very complicated, but it's really very simple. Just sit down, answer each of the above questions, and Contact me directly with your choices and any questions you might have and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
*´♥*AGAIN: PLEASE be sure to double check your SPELLING and PLEASE thoroughly READ the "ReCap Proof" I send you!! :)

*´♥.•NOTE ~ Please Remember: these dishes are made Completely by Hand, start to finish,and Kiln Fired 2 times. They are NOT a store bought dish that I am writing and painting on and baking in an oven {where the Design will eventually fail}....that's what makes them Super Extra Special!!
All of my handmade pottery is painted with lead free/food safe glazes. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, although I do recommend hand washing because my carefully made clay pieces, although very durable, happily deserve a little more love than commercially manufactured ware. Please do not put this in the oven!

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