Personalized Ceramic Pottery Poetry Bird Wall Hanging

A beautiful Poetry Bird with a Child's Name and BirthDate, OR a Couples Names and Wedding/Anniversary Date. A truly Unique and Wondrous remembrance of people we Love taking flight and soaring on an Inspirational Dove Wall Hanging.

♥ Handmade from the Earth with Love just for You! ♥
This is a listing for an Amazing and Uplifting Custom "Poetry Bird" sculpture with Personalized Names and Date created especially for YOU!! Or, Someone/s you Love!! I can stamp up to about 14 Letters and then the Date on each Beautiful Bird. As you can see from the Listing Photos, I also create "Family Flocks" which are multiple Birds, each with it's own Name, that are created to be hung together to create a Powerful and Beautiful Art Statement wherever they are hung. As always, please contact me with any questions you may have about creating them for you!
~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~SOARING INFORMATION~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~
Here is what you will be receiving when you purchase this Extra Special Listing for 1 Custom "Name and Date" POETRY BIRD Wall Sculpture:

1. A Beautiful Bird wall hanging made from rolled out stoneware clay that is completely hand cut, (body, wings, tail pieces) as I do not use forms or patterns, so every one is totally unique and different. While the clay is still "wet" I will impress the wings and tails with a variety of stamps including vintage textile blocks from India that are about 100 years old,(and carved out of pear wood!), clay stamps I have made myself and even pieces of shells and pods I have collected on my journeys. I use Vintage letterpress wooden stamps for the words on my Poetry Birds.

2. DIMENSIONS: The Poetry Bird/s can be almost any dimension you would like, but for a "rule of thumb" about 6"-7" horizontally is the smallest in order to incorporate the tail feathers with the words, (most of the Poetry Birds you see in my Shop and Sold section are longer than that, about 9"-15"). The words are what usually dictates the size, as the longer the Name on the body of the bird, the larger it would need to be. The height of the birds are usually about 6"-7" from the bottom to the tip of the wings/tail.

3. What NAME/s & DATE do you want on your Poetry Bird? PLEASE Remember, the more you want on it, the bigger it gets and there is really only room for about 20 letters/numbers. You can contact me at any time to discuss this. PLEASE check your SPELLING when ordering this as it cannot be changed once it's stamped in the clay!! :)

4. What COLORS do you want the Wings and Tail Feathers? I use yellow and red a lot because they are such Joy-Full colors, but you can see by the above examples (and also looking around in my Shops) that any color you could want is available, just let me know. The "body" of the Poetry Bird will remain as you see it in the pictures, Rustically Beautiful!

5. PROOFING: If you are requesting artwork or pottery that is using a Quote, Words, Names, and/or Dates, PLEASE double check your spelling and punctuation. I will "copy" exactly what you send me and then message you back with a "ReCap Proof" which YOU must read thoroughly and approve. I am not a Typist or a Proofreader, I am human and therefore make mistakes despite all the caution I use, so PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY! Have your friend read it. Then ask your neighbor, or your mailman, because ALL misspellings, etc will be your responsibility and are NOT changeable due to the Nature of Pottery and I will have to charge you to re-do the order and I hate doing that.
I cannot STRESS this enough, and I repeat, after YOUR final approval, I am not liable or responsible for any discrepancies or spelling errors. If You have approved the "ReCap Proof", any Financial Responsibility to recreate the work will fall on the Customer, {YOU}, not me. Thank You for your understanding about this.

6. TIME! Custom orders for Personalized Poetry Birds take 4-6 weeks to complete and deliver.

7. HOW in the World does this Work...?!? :)
I know this all sounds very complicated, but it's really very simple. Just sit down, answer each of the above questions, and then either purchase the Listing and Enter the Answers in the "Notes to Seller" box upon checkout or Contact me directly with your choices or questions and then you can purchase the listing.
*´♥*AGAIN: PLEASE be sure to double check your SPELLING and PLEASE thoroughly READ the "ReCap Proof" I send you!! :)

8. A ♥BIG HEARTFELT♥ NOTE ON SHIPPING: These Poetry Birds are not only long and require a "non-standard" box, but I send them Insured Priority Mail if mailed in the US. If you are ordering more than ONE Bird, then I will calculate the Shipping and either set up a Reserved Listing for you or refund your Account. If you live outside the US and want to insure these Beautiful Birds please inquire about that, otherwise I can't be responsible for damage done in Shipping transit. Please see my Shop Policies for more information and if there are significant Shipping Overages, they will be refunded to your Account upon completion of the mailing process...YAY!! :)

Once the first 4 items have been decided, I will get to work on your Poetry Bird! After I have rolled out the clay and stamped it and it has gone through it's first kiln firing, I will apply stains to the bisqued clay and then rub them off here and there to give the piece a rustic look, then I add the colored glazes of your choice to accentuate the Wings and Tail. Each Bird will be fired a second time for durability and strength to create an inspiring piece that can be hung indoors or outside in a protected area. On the back of each bird I will attach 2 hangers made from recycled copper wire, one is in the middle of the body of the Birds and one is by the Tail so that you can position the Birds flying however you would like on the walls of your Home. :)

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