"Petroglyphs In Granite" Junior Retro Rollerball In Rhodium

I had a dream a while back about doing bowls with rock art inlayed onto them, and the idea intrigued me. It rattled around for a while, then I really started working more on pens, and liked my 4-color Rotini pasta in white, but thought I could do something more with it. I found a material not unlike the powder they add to Corian to make the patterns they make, so I thought I'd adapt it to Polyester Resin and see what happened. Well, by golly, "Petroglyphs in Granite" happened, and it looks a lot like rock! The color balance in the pics is a tiny bit off, it's really a grey granite look, it is not greenish. Then again, maybe I'm just going colorblind! It's polished like glass, and mated to a Junior Retro rollerball chassis in heavy Rhodium plate. I think it gives it a very Art Deco look, and I love it. The pen is medium sized for nearly every hand, and it does post (screw) into the cap, as shown in the picture. The balance is great and this is one that will get some comments at your next meeting!

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