Piano M1 Cd-Player

The Piano M1 is a ridiculously good CD-player designed from the ground up to provide reference quality CD playback, ease of use, and the look and feel of a finely crafted precision instrument.

The rugged transport is mounted on the Piano's rigid and heavy aluminum and steel platform to provide a virtually vibration and jitter free digital bitstream. The custom DAC circuit takes that stream and upsamples it to 176.4 Khz using a truly classic DAC, the TDA1543. This technique results in a smooth and euphonic, tube-like sound.

The real magic to Piano is its use of the finest components throughout, from the T-Copper RCA jacks (center pin) to the heavy-duty dual wound transformers to power the analog and digital circuits separately. As our customers and reviewers attest, the package is a sonic triumph! Piano has a tremendous bottom-end and is capable of breathtaking clarity and the natural, open, spacial presentation that is our calling card.

Should you wish to drive two systems from Piano, it includes two analog L/R outputs, as well as of course coax and optical digital outputs. The full-featured remote control also works with the Sensation amplifier, for which it provides volume, stand-by, and input selection.

Please note: this CD player requires an amplifier and speakers to operate.

Dimensions: Each unit is approximately 10" wide x 10" deep x 5" tall.

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