Picanti Walnut Galley Kitchen

Walnut galley kitchen
This walnut galley kitchen job was given to me by a wonderful woman who is one of those people that make's woodworking really worthwhile. We worked well together on a previous project. She was the final approval on a wall by wall interior woodwork designs I drew with for her daughter's home. Jay asked me, " after your done with my daughter's job, would you build a kitchen for me, I'm in no hurry"? "Of coarse I would." I looked forward to designing her something very special.
Jay's only real instruction was, " I would like this side to look like antique period furniture, and this side to look more like fine cabinetry. She had me pick the wood & the style. My dad called me one morning and proclaimed, "The big Walnut nearest the bridge fell into the canal, come & fish it out." So I did, had it rough slabbed, dried it out in the shop for 6 months, and used part on Jay's kitchen. The tree was some South American Walnut with extreme fiddle back & depth of grain. You know the kind of grain that look's 3 " deep.
It is truly a pleasure to work with considerate & kindhearted clients. PS Jay's the only tip, on a bid job I have received in 35 years in the construction industry. How's that, a tip!!! May all you fellow woodworkers get clients like her!

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