Pingtuated Equilibripong

Niles Eldredge and Stephen J. Gould's Theory of Punctuated Equilibrium proposes that most species exhibit little evolutionary variation for most of their history until rare and rapid events create significant changes.

I like to believe that the creation of this ping pong table is one of these events. It is regulation-size and is designed to convert to a dining table, for up to twelve, by removing the net.

Incidentally, this piece also expresses my personal experience. I had been creating pieces under the radar with little to no fanfare for some time. I was encouraged by an architect (coincidentally the wife of one of Niles Eldredge's closest friends, Bruce Hannah) to exhibit at the ICFF 2011. Since that show, I have displayed my work in Bloomingdale's windows at their flagship store, created multiple commissioned pieces, and have received accolades from numerous web-based publications throughout the world.

Dimensions: 108" long x 60" wide x 30" high

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