Platinum Engagement Ring With Diamonds

Seen in this group of pictures is seen a ring I made for a customer who had already purchased three diamonds and who had been referred to me by another customer form whom I'd already made a few rings.

This new customer was looking to have a "three stone ring" made...although he was very much hoping to find someone who would/could create something other than the standard version associated with the 3 stone ring. I must admit, I'm that person. I'm not at all interested in recreating what other people have already made...even more so, I'm not interested in making the basic, standard version of jewelry that are pumped out by by the thousands or tens of thousands offshore.

In any case, the pictures I've provided of this ring will tell much more than I can tell using words. As I recall, the center diamond weighed in the neighborhood of .70 carat and the two outer diamonds each weighed close to .35 carat.

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